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The Ambassadors are a prestigious group of Chamber members who represent MACC and support the economic growth and development of the Mid-Ohio Valley. Ambassadors serve as key liaisons between the Chamber and the business community by being our “eyes and ears.” They work to increase membership, improve member retention, strengthen awareness of chamber benefits and assist with MACC events. Being an Ambassador not only helps us, but helps each Ambassador get to know area business leaders and better understand their community.

Keith Theiman,

Phone: (740) 984-2334


Sandy DeLong, Peoples Bank
Phone: (740) 376-7215

Lori Hart, Huntington Bank
Phone: (740) 373-2886

Amy Medley, CENTURY 21-Full Service Realty

Phone: (740) 350-3441


Allie Schultheis, Schultheis Insurance

Phone: (740) 373-4351




Kristen Preston, Copper Leaf Interior Design
Phone: (740) 373-9993

Laura Miller, Settlers Bank
Phone: (740) 373-9200

Chad Mugrage, First Baptist Church
Phone: (740) 373-1273

Kristin Meeks, WV Social Media Consultants
Phone: (304) 834-0764

Brooke Oliver, Mid Ohio Valley Employment
Phone: (740) 373-6683

Brooke Overton, Marietta/ Parkersburg Office Supply

Phone: (740) 373-6987


How to Join

Ambassadors are selected from interested personnel either employed by or retired from Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce member businesses. When electing new members, consideration is given to visibility in the community, community interests, and a willingness to support Chamber and Ambassadors activities. Interested to be an Ambassador? Contact us today at 740 373-1883.

Meeting Information

Meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month. These meetings begin at 3pm and are followed by visits to local businesses.  Quarterly Meetings are also held the third Tuesday of the following months: March, June, September, and December. Ambassadors are requested to wear a navy blue blazer or a navy blue polo shirt and their name plate, which should be worn at all meetings and functions when members are representing the Chamber as an Ambassador.


The annual fee is $25.00. Funds collected offset the cost of plaques and other specific Ambassador materials. Ambassadors also are expected to provide their own appropriate classic navy blue blazer and attire.

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