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Scholarship Program

MACC Scholarship

The Marietta Area Chamber of Commerce announced the launch of this scholarship program in August of 2021 in an effort to create and retain a skilled workforce for our local businesses.  The funding for this program is produced by the Marietta Bucks Program, which is facilitated by the Chamber.  The scholarships will be used to help students from Washington and Wood Counties that want to remain in the area and either learn a trade or earn a degree.  The scholarships are set aside for students attending the Washington County Career Center, Washington State Community College, or Marietta College.  The primary goal of this scholarship program is to help students break the cycle of poverty, raise their standard of living, and to contribute to the betterment of the community and our economy.

The Chamber initially contributed $100,000 to this scholarship program, with more money to come from Marietta Bucks expirations in the future.  As a part of this program, the Chamber will also be giving $1,000 to each of the emergency funds for Washington State and the Washington County Career Center, helping students get though difficult situations so they can stay in school.

It is our hope that this will be a legacy within the community, continue to grow, and to help students for generations to come.

Please contact the Chamber at 740-373-5176 for more information.  All scholarship application paper work should be sent to

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